Our Tools

Hedgehog Learning Environment

Hedgehog is our lightweight, media-rich, responsive learning environment.

Sanderling Field Journal

Sanderling is your social learning notebook. All your activities and badges are shared in your Field Journal.


Our Experiences


We design and support interactive, hands-on learning experiences. We emphasize peer learning communities, ongoing feedback, and personal reflection as a continuous part of the learning process. Our courses and workshops focus on application of knowledge, engaging learners to discover and build useful resources and tools for themselves throughout each experience.


Our Badges

We design, create, and issue portable digital badges, complete with evidence of your learning activities and fully exportable to your Mozilla Backpack or host of your choice.

By partnering with multiple professional organizations and educational institutions, An Estuary has been able to create badges that align with established certification standards, thereby creating a value (or trust) network that supports the validity of the badges being awarded. The community of learners reinforce badge value by connecting to others through shared experiences and by gaining recognition for them.
— Mozilla Open Badges Blog
An Estuary’s Sanderling is a powerful platform... that enhances professional development by making it a more collaborative and social experience.
— Adam Bellow, CEO of eduClipper
The new Sanderling social platform is clean and easy to work with which knocks down barriers to entry.
— Rich Kiker, Kiker Learning