Smart, social, responsive professional learning.


We build the tools and provide the pedagogical support for professional learning in any field. We work with professional organizations, industry conferences, and product and technology creators. We help our clients build meaningful continuing education, professional development, and training opportunities. We deliver these experiences in online, mobile, and blended formats that allow continuous access and integrated accountability through our professional learning platform.


Sanderling Field Journal

Sanderling Field Journal

Hedgehog Learning Environment

Hedgehog Learning Environment

See our tools in action: 

Social Field Journal

Sanderling is our social field journal for continuing education and professional development. You can create your own projects, collaborate with your peers in professional coursework, and engage with a social stream of artifacts documenting professional learning in your field.


Learning Environment

Hedgehog is our blended learning environment, integrated with Sanderling to bring social engagement to professional learning. Earn continuing education credits on your own and while attending conferences, and take part in on-demand training on the latest technologies in your field.



Who we work with

We work with professional organizations, conferences, and technology creators to raise visibility and build community through our social professional learning platform.

We work with professionals who want credit for professional learning and quick easy access to credit-bearing training in their field.

An Estuary’s Sanderling is a powerful platform... that enhances professional development by making it a more collaborative and social experience.
— Adam Bellow, CEO of eduClipper
An Estuary’s unique social platform technology will help facilitate professional development... and we look forward to watching the company grow.
— Robert Rosenbaum, president and executive director of TEDCO
The new Sanderling social platform is clean and easy to work with which knocks down barriers to entry.
— Rich Kiker, Kiker Learning