Sanderling is sunsetting as of August 15th, 2015. For those of you who used the platform, we are incredibly glad to have been a part of your professional learning community. The following is a short set of directions to help you get a copy of all your data from Sanderling.

These directions are written for Chrome, and will work best in that browser.

  1. Log in to Sanderling at, and navigate to your Field Journal.
  2. Now we need to scroll down through all your artifacts - we want to make sure the page has loaded all your things before we do our export. Scroll down on the page until there's no more to load.
  3. As you're scrolling down (or after), for each artifact where there are comments, click the '# comments' bubble to open the comments section for each of those posts. This loads that content into the page so that it will be saved when we export.
  4. Once you have all of the posts and comments loaded in the page, go to your Chrome File menu and choose 'Save Page As.' Choose a location for your archive, and make sure to leave the file format set to 'Webpage, Complete'. You may wish to make a folder to put your archive in. Hit 'Save' to export a copy of your Field Journal.

What you have now is an archive of all your posts and projects, along with the social comments embedded and viewable as a standalone local web page. Your courses and completion states are stored and viewable locally, as well.

Thanks again for helping make Sanderling awesome, and best wishes for all your continued social professional development!