Just In Time Is Just Not Good Enough

  Alice in Wonderland  by Russ Sanderlin via CC 2.0 Flickr

Alice in Wonderland by Russ Sanderlin via CC 2.0 Flickr

By Margaret Roth

Learning happens all the time, it's social, it's mobile, it's always on. It's why Twitter has been so powerful for educators and professional learning. It's everywhere all the time. 

It's part of your moments. The moments that you have and the moments that you make. 

Professional development is learning. Except it's learning that we put in a box, that we put in a time window, that we decide to schedule. That we often try to avoid.

We're moving away from that. We're rejecting the scheduled workshop that is supposed to teach you all you need to know to be prepared to teach this year. And that is awesome. Because it is a lie.

And the system and schools and administrators have listened to the needs of teachers and begun to change this and transition out of prescription PD.

But you know what is almost worst than prescription PD? Just-in-time PD. 

Nobody wants to do things just in time. That's called at the last minute. That's called not being prepared, not having a plan. That's called being irresponsible. 

Because just-in-time is just not good enough. Just-in-time is just too late. 


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