Can't I Run Screaming Down the Halls?!?

By Sara Henschell

One of the great things about conferences is that they let you get out of the sound chamber of your community. This is true of people working in tech, teachers  and, really, life at large. When you go out into the world, you get perspective which helps you assess what you are thinking and doing. It also gives you new stuff to bring home to your community space to grow and sustain.

We have not been in Atlanta very long, but we have been talking about ISTE for weeks. So, it sort of feels like we were already here waiting to pop out of a box.  This afternoon I lurked around some Hack Education sessions and tried to get a feel for what is going on in the larger community versus what I have in my head.  I took at ton of notes and talked to people after the session and feel like my desire to find perspective was rewarded. 

Really, I am here looking for methods. I can find apps all day everyday.  I want to find ways of sustaining their use and usefulness to my students, my fellow teachers and helping me do all the things I want to do more efficiently. It is easy to get overwhelmed here, there is a ton of stuff going on. I took one look at the printed booklet and was like “ALL OF THE SESSIONS.”

Margaret has already requested we be sent clones.  I want to run through the halls, arms flung wide screaming and grabbing pens and stickers, downloading apps as fast as my phone will let me But, I digress! Focus is key! I am using Margaret’s Rules for going to Conferences and my desire for methods over app to select a few great sessions.  I have selected a few, not an exhaustive list, but a practical one for helping me absorb enough information to be functional.

Here it goes:

  1. Where’s My Stuff?: Managing student workflow with Google Apps

  2.  Disruptive Innovations: What does it take to shake things up- Monday at 12:30 in room B206

  3.  Remix, Repurpose, Redesign: Promoting student ownership and Engagement- Sunday at 12:45 room B405

  4. Literacy Tools for the Web 2.0 Teacher- Sunday at 11:00am Room A412

  5. Perfecting the Boundary Between Secondary Education, Career Readiness and Higher Ed. Sunday 2:30-3:30 Room B211

If you see me rolling around on the floor in a pile of stickers and pens, looking like my brain is filled to the brim. Don't help me. I'm just where I want to be!

We would love to hear from you! What sessions are you going to? @sarahenschell, @teachingdaisy is the easiest way to find us, or comment below!

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