The Heart and Soul of It: Putting Credit in the Hands of Educators

by Shelly Blake-Plock

I was asked this morning why we decided to offer the Field Workshop for educators. The workshop is a credit-bearing on-demand professional learning course which any educator has the opportunity to apply as a digital complement to most live professional learning events and educator conferences.

And my answer was straightforward:

"Because we think an educator should be able to make up her or his own mind about how, when, and where to take on the challenge of doing work to get real credit for professional learning."

Our first foray into this is the Field Workshop, through which any professional educator may earn graduate workshop credit and an accompanying digital badge integrated with Mozilla's Open Badges project for engaging with peers at a professional learning gathering and completing a competency-based digital complement on the Sanderling social platform.

This goes beyond writing a blog post reflection.

And it certainly goes beyond "seat time".

For those educators who take on the challenge, a social learning experience will open up for them which will invite them to document, analyse, and critique contemporary topics in the profession with an eye towards increasing collaboration among educators, improving the workflow and job-embedded quality of ongoing PD, and resulting in improved student learning outcomes.

We're dedicated to putting educators in control of their own credit by giving them the opportunity to learn and earn whenever and wherever they want.

No permission necessary.

This is just the beginning.

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