Educators Should Get the Credit They Deserve

An Estuary announces a new professional development opportunity for educators which gives credit where credit is due, while allowing the individual educators to decide how and when to take on credit-bearing opportunities for PD.

Over the last several years, there has been a rise in the quality and number of “informal” professional learning opportunities available to educators. Unfortunately, because of the nature of these events, real credit has often been elusive. Until now.

Starting May 9th, educators attending unconferences, educator professional learning gatherings, and PD conferences will have the opportunity to earn graduate credit by taking part in the on-demand “Field Workshop” course available on Sanderling, An Estuary’s social platform for professional development.

The course is on-demand and accessible by mobile and can provide an engaging way for educators to document their experience while earning graduate credit.

"We want the course to complement and extend the opportunity of the event, and we want to put the power of real credit for professional development experiences in the hands of real educators," said Shelly Blake-Plock, CEO of An Estuary.

At a cost below the national average, the graduate credit-bearing course is available asynchronously via Web and on mobile, meaning that participants can join on-demand from anywhere in the world. The course itself is built as a competency-based professional development unit asking educators to observe, document, reflect, and review contemporary topics in teaching while in the field and while actively engaging with technology.

Upon successful completion, the participant will earn one graduate credit for the workshop. The credit is offered by the University of Akron College of Education.

In addition to the graduate credit, successful completion earns the participant a digital badge integrated with Mozilla’s Open Badges project. Participants may display their badge on their Sanderling professional learning profile and may share across the Web.

Educators may begin signing up for the Field Workshops starting May 9th on the Sanderling platform <>.

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