Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

by Shelly Blake-Plock

I'm personally fascinated by the way social technologies are having an effect on how we view big concepts like verification, validity, and accreditation. At An Estuary, we are building technologies and building relationships to help professional learning bloom.

Real Credit for On-demand Professional Learning

Select An Estuary course offerings for educator professional development were recently accepted by the University of Akron for graduate credit. Attendees to educator events may earn professional development graduate credit by completing our digital Field Workshop course as a complement to their active participation at the event. We’ll be opening up this opportunity to community members on a rolling basis over the next few months. We are very excited about the opportunity to link the validation of authentic credit with the blended reality of professional learning in an on-demand world. More details coming soon.

Mozilla Open Badges and Sanderling

Key to An Estuary’s work with the Sanderling platform has been the integration of Mozilla Open Badges. Last week, the An Estuary team shared its experiences with the Mozilla Open Badges community. An Estuary is happy to announce that it has joined the Badge Alliance. We look forward to working more deeply on technical issues, especially those important to employers and educational institutions, related to the evaluation and verification processes underlying the learning objects that comprise the elements of online activities resulting in the issuing of Open Badges.

Tomorrow... An Estuary in the field!


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