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by Shelly Blake-Plock

When it comes to professional learning, professional development, and continuing education, the landscape is shifting.

Over the last several weeks, An Estuary has been approached by diverse communities ranging from top-ranked education schools and school districts throughout the country to teaching hospitals supporting demanding continuing medical education programs to financial institutions with field-based professional development and verified compliance needs to technology product developers with customer and enterprise-facing training needs — all of them having one thing in common: they want a contemporary solution for their increasingly complex professional learning requirements.

Across industries, there is great demand for a competency-based professional learning system that works on-demand and in-the-field. Bonus points go to a system that is social and mobile. And interoperability is key.

Here at An Estuary, we’re proud to have built that system. Bonus points and all.

This week, we'll be posting updates about our work building technologies that reflect new realities in educator professional development as well as the ways new technologies are coming together to change the way professional learning happens across industries.

Stay tuned.

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