I'm Blogging Again

 Somewhere over America, 2013.

Somewhere over America, 2013.

Back in 2009, I was blogging daily. And though at times stressful, I did love it.

I became somewhat obsessed with blogging (in a good way, usually) and honestly believed — and still believe to this day — that the immediacy and the public nature of blogging really help you to understand what you think.

I've had several conversations over the last six months or so about whether I would ever go back to daily blogging. I've been on hiatus (at best intermittent) for nearly two years now.

To be honest, I've done my best to convince myself that I didn't need blogging. I was too busy. I was traveling a lot. I was this, that, or the other thing.

But when it comes down to the brass tacks, I do need blogging. Without the daily ritual of clearing out the mind, I feel like someone who has lost his voice. Worse, I feel like someone who has abandoned the conversation.

And it is a conversation that is increasingly being appropriated by the tools and fools of SEO and marketing.

So, in my own way, I'm coming back to the table. Not with Top Ten lists and BuzzFeed fodder. Not with "Which Kind of Teacher Are You?" and "Which Indie Band Are You?" and "Which Type of Cat Are You?" bullshit.

I'm coming to the table with the outline of a conversation I'd like you all to take part in and plump up into a living thing.

There are many amazing educators, thinkers, technologists, dreamers, and visionaries out there right now. And I'm interested in bringing their voices together to begin to bring to action the dreams and conversations we've been having. Because if the visionaries don't, the cynics will.

We can't let the cynics win.

The corporate cynics. The political cynics. The cynics who thrive on other people's pain.

We can't let them win.

So, I speak personally as a parent of three public school kids. I speak candidly as part of an organization invested in creating a new way to empower educators and enhance what learning can be on Earth. And I speak as a guy who knows all too well what it's like to get up in front of a classroom of students on half-a-night's sleep and speak through a half-bit tongue as you try to make meaningful an activity dictated by a textbook publisher who never had the experience of looking into another person's child's eyes and seeing when (or why) the moment of realization and authentic new learning comes upon them.

And so, I'm blogging again. While I beg you to pardon my rustiness, I encourage you to reach out with your stories and your own visions, as I'd like to hear them and I'd like to share them.

Together, we will see this thing through and create a better tomorrow. We have no other choice.

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