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This week we're excited to announce the launch of our "Field Report" series. Each month, we'll be bringing you a free self-directed PD course on Sanderling which you can take to earn a digital badge for your educator profile.

These courses are meant to be shared, and teachers in the Sanderling community are welcome to form groups both in the network and in their schools to bring this content alive.

Have an opportunity to lead a PD session at school? You are welcome to use our Field Reports to help guide new learning with your colleagues; we only ask that you use Sanderling to document your PD activities so that the entire community can share in your learning.

Also, please let us know what kinds of content you would like us to cover. We'd be happy to build future Field Reports around your requests!

— Shelly


by Chris Sessums

When I was in teacher’s college, I regularly practiced teaching in front of colleagues. It was “part of the water,” i.e., it was part of the curriculum. Each time I did I received really useful, constructive feedback. It was something I became addicted to. I loved receiving feedback. It provided me a way to constantly improve my practice.

When I entered the classroom as a full time educator, I missed having my teacher peers observe my practice, I missed their feedback. I turned to my students and asked them regularly “How am doing?” They would offer a critique, sometimes helpful, sometimes not. Yet it wasn’t the same. And that’s because the feedback wasn’t from those that understood the art and science of teaching (see Dan Lortie’s “apprenticeship of observation” studies for more details).

This is why I came to work for An Estuary. It was an opportunity to work on developing applications and solutions that support teachers. It was a chance to think differently about teacher professional development, a chance to develop tools and content that is for educators, by educators (#FExE).

At An Estuary we are dedicated to supporting teachers in deepening their knowledge about their practice. To this end, we decided to create a set of courses around various topics affecting teaching and learning. Each month we will be offering a free course that focuses on a specific aspect of educational practice.

This month, we’ve chosen Personalizing Learning for Students as a starting point. I’ve always been interested in how educators personalize learning for students. For example, in what ways do teachers think about personalizing learning for their students? In what ways do teachers actually personalize or individualize learning for their students? And in what ways do teachers use technology to personalize learning for students?

The course takes less than an hour to complete. And for those that do complete it, a unique badge certifying your participation will be awarded to you on your Sanderling account.

So I encourage you to sign up for a Sanderling account, enroll in the Personalizing Learning for Students course, click on the Getting Started layer, and share your expertise and experiences.

Your voice is an essential part of the teaching profession. At An Estuary, we want to give you a place to share it with other professional educators, to support a community of practice that is critical to the well-being of our world.

So join us in exploring the concept of personalizing learning for your students. By sharing your voice, your experience, allows teachers to take back the profession and make it ours--for us, by us.

NOTE: An Estuary courses may be eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Academic Units (AUs). States and districts have their own requirements. Please check with your district or state professional development office to determine eligibility. We are more than happy to provide supporting materials for certification upon request.

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