Considerations for the Budding Technology Entrepreneur

by Shelly Blake-Plock

Begin with the outcomes.

Think about what your technology feels like.

Bravery counts.

Exhaust yourself.

Frame nothingness. What is not in your technology is more significant than what is in it.

You will forget what is important. Everyone does this.

Your better judgement will impede the truth.

Tell everyone how to do your secret thing.

If given the chance, fake it and see if anyone notices. If they don't, you have more work to do.

Translate yourself.

When in doubt, straighten up. It'll make it easier to notice the good stuff when things go wrong.

You can't make a customer.

Throw away your early successes.

The moment when change happens trumps change itself.

Allow your mind to be scared.

Try it in monochrome.

Choose one thing out of a self-help manual and do its opposite.

Wear your embarrassment around like plastic jewelry.

You are right. And that is ok. Even if you are wrong.

Let everyone see your mistakes.

Every step is a first step. Every step is a last step.

You are going to find out the truth. Like it or not.

Whatever you are doing right now: do it a little bit more.

Now stop.

inspired by Eno and Schmidt

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