My Last Post in Sanderling Beta


Over the last year we have done a lot of things.


When we started all of this, Shelly, Rose, and I thought that we were starting a company. We thought that we were starting a company because we had a passion for the work that we had done as teachers in classrooms ourselves, and because we believed that the professional development opportunities available to teachers were not good enough. We believed that there had to be a better way to connect educators to the tools that were out there and to find and share the resources that would make us better teachers of our students. We knew that we had learned a lot already on our journey together and that it was time for us to take a dive.

And we took that dive into An Estuary.

When we started this company, we had a goal, we had a lot of really good ideas, and we had a dream that we could create something that would fundamentally change the way that educators engage with and use technology for themselves, for their own development. Not because someone told them they had to, not because someone told them that if they didn’t it would be held against them. But because technology is moving forward, and the last thing we can do as educators is deny that, or worse, leave ourselves and our students unprepared for all that is to come.

We started all of this in my living room and amongst makeshift window whiteboards, a cluster of tables and chairs, and a homemade lunch everyday, we became a startup, and we turned those ideas into a plan.

We moved operations to Rose’s dining room, and as fate would have it we found Jason, who took to our dream just as steadfastly as it were his own, and we began to build. With blood, sweat, and tears, through one of the hottest summers ever to shine down on our little town of Baltimore, we launched Sanderling.

Just as we kicked-off our Summer Institute, we were welcomed into the Emerging Technology Center, we began to find our voice, we started to be heard, and we walked into our own validation, as we found ourselves enveloped in a world of support, a network of strength, and a renewed sense of determination for our goals. And Milt joined us.

As quickly as the temperatures dropped, our plans turned into defined software, our outreach and support from our own personal learning communities turned into new ideas, new features, and new goals for what not only we knew that we could do but for what we knew we had to do. We had to create something that mattered, mattered to everyone, not just students, not just administrators, but the teachers who impact and drive all of us to our successes. From trial runs at Edcamps, conversations at education conferences, to our own friends in edtech, we came to know that we had the support and the dreams that meant more than just those of any one company, that our story is supported by the voices that will truly impact the next generation of educators, through the fearless support of those currently demanding change in our profession. And Chris moved from sunny Gainesville to Baltimore on the eve of the first snowstorm of the year.

And here we sit a year down the road, a team of people driven to make a difference, no matter what it is that we have to give, because there are things that remain the same as they did a year ago and will always.

We have a passion for the work that we do as educators ourselves.

We believe that there is nothing more important than the education of the lives of our future.

We believe that we can provide educators with what they need to take the development of our profession into their own hands.

And we trust them to do so.

Welcome to Sanderling Next.

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