We're Not Finished


I spent most of last night awake.

Not because I was nervous or worried or stressed or scared, but because I was trying to explain to myself how we got here. Life is hard to track and stories are hard to write, but the really really good ones you can usually manage to remember most of the details. 

Lying awake, I tried to remember all of ours.

I met Shelly in a lecture hall when I had just finished my undergraduate program and wasn't really sure what grad school meant yet.

Shelly met Rose before she had finished college, in a record store down the street, where he was using a record player to amplify sounds and singing through a megaphone.

Rose and Milt started their new jobs on the same day and spent the next four years making material-tech projects including a hand wired micro controlled light box and augmented reality beat maker.

Milt had two desks at that job. At the second desk, in a dank IT basement, Jason met Milt on his first day of work, and they would work together solving problems for the next three years. 

We've been working together, in some capacity, for the better part of a decade, every detail leading to the moment, right now.

The first time we were all in the same place was unremarkable. I think we all met up at CVP to welcome Milt to the team. A round of Natty Boh, a toast, to set out on a journey.

Over the last 587 days, a lot has happened. 

We've had highs and lows. We've gotten in fights, we've made up. We've suffered crises, we've celebrated success.

We've seen products, and the companies they belong to, come and go.

We've made some truly significant accomplishments, more than most companies at our stage.

We're the only company, that I know of, to ever start their name with an indefinite article.

We're one of the only companies that still pull all-nighters as a team at the ETC.

We've made it possible for high-quality professional development to be accessible to teachers anywhere, anytime, on any device, with their friends.

Most importantly, we've found out who it is that we are together as a team.

We know what drives us, what inspires us, and what we know is going to matter more than anything else as we move forward into the future, and what it will take to make that future ours.

Last night, looking at our details, I had a hard time deciding what it is that they were. 

This isn't fate.

It's faith. 

Faith in each other. Faith in the fact that we are smart enough, driven enough, and care enough to do this. Faith that there are people out there who won't know what they need until they see they can have it. Faith in the future. 

There isn't much more to it than that.

In An Estuary we found ourselves, and in a future that is just about to begin, we will become who we already are.

It is going to be a great story.

Take note of the details, connect the dots, live in the experience, and keep reading.

We're not finished, yet.

We're just starting. Yet.

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