Kicking Off the K-5 Workshop Series


An Estuary is honored to be a part of a hand-picked group of 100 educators, technologists, and general computer science enthusiasts facilitating workshops for teachers teaching computer science in grades K-5 around the country in partnership with

" is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color." Their vision is to provide computer science educational opportunities to every student, in every school, and that computer science becomes part of the core curriculum taught in our schools. 

This year, is offering free professional development workshops to provide educators and others the resources they need to begin introducing students in grades K-5 to computer science basics and computational thinking skills.

In partnership with, An Estuary's Margaret Roth and Jason Lewis are servings as the Baltimore-Washington Area Regional K-5 Affiliates. As a K-5 Affiliates, Margaret and Jason facilitate monthly workshops on using the Code School curriculum at the Emerging Technology Center at the JHU Eastern Campus. 

Through this program is aiming to teach 10,000 teachers and reach 100,000 students over the next year, in every state, and around the globe.

While the Dev Team was off at the Baltimore Hackathon, Margaret led An Estuary's first workshop this past Saturday. A group of nearly 30 educators from the region spent their Saturday diving into the curriculum, modifying the content for their students, and developing plans for actionable integration of computer science curriculum into their schools. 

Interested in hearing what the experience was like and what participating educators had to say? Check out the "Teaching K-5 Computer Science" course page on Sanderling

For more information on private workshops for large groups, please contact

Our next workshop will be December 13, 2014. To sign up for an upcoming workshop please visit the Workshop Search Page.

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