Concerning Professional Development

by SBP

Questions about what professional development "should or shouldn't be" have been occupying my mind. Here are two post written over the last few days.

The point of professional development shouldn’t be in having teachers check off a box that they attended a session or watched a video or took on a project. And it surely shouldn’t be in having an administrator check off a box for them. The point of professional development should be in helping human beings--who in this case happen to be educators--become more fully engaged and connected with their peers and fellow professionals. The goal should be helping them to develop the profession themselves.

— OPINION: How to Move PD Forward, Edsurge


We can use the all the data and technology we want to build groundbreaking new edtech learning products, but if we do not couple those learning products with technologies and services supporting teachers in both the effective use of new adaptive and data-rich tools and in the practice of relevant new pedagogical and evaluative approaches supporting the outcomes of the use of those tools, all will be for naught.

— Talking PD Shift Blues, Sanderling

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