Metaphorically Speaking

by SBP

It is not uncommon at an event for a science teacher to stop by our table expecting to find something related to environmental science.

The conversation usually goes like this:

"'An Estuary'."

"Yup. That's us."

"Do you guys do environmental ed?"

"No. We build social tech for PD."

"And you are called 'An Estuary'?"



"It's a metaphor."

It's funny to me that this happens. In a world where we buy stuff in the Amazon and name computers after Apples, there is a bit of a jolt when someone uses a metaphor in the education space.

We are An Estuary.

We aren't interested in being Classology. Or LearnBoard. Or Makeware. [note: these were all names created by Eduwampus, the edtech startup name generator... so please don't flame me for accidentally using your actual company name.]

There is something in a name. Either something prescriptive or something fleeting and elusive. Either something demanding or something reckless. Either something marked with a flavor you know or curious in its possibilities.

We're interested in opening up those possibilities. Not in nailing them down.

We're not big believers in packaging the right answer. We err on the side of letting you use the hammer to build your own house. Or movie. Or dream. Whatever metaphor works for you.

We believe in those we serve. We believe our service means providing space for you to find your own answers. And sometimes we're serious. And sometimes we're playful.

But we're always aware that anything might happen right now. And so we believe in the value of metaphors. 

“Metaphors are dangerous, Metaphors are not to be trifled with. A single metaphor can give birth to love.” ― Milan Kundera


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