Why #FExE Matters.

This is it. This is the only chance we're ever going to have. The only chance for educators and their techie allies to build meaningful, reality-informed educational technologies for actual real day-to-day future-shaping educators which will have a chance to scale and grow and evolve and help communities of teachers and students and admins and parents before the rise of the new monolithic corporate edtech that is slowly blundering its way to the starting line as an unfortunate but predictable byproduct of the end-of-education-[industry]--as-we-knew-it (and we feel fine).

This is not a drill. If actual educators are going to take up the quest of building the next generation of technologies used in schools, they've got to get on it now. Tomorrow is too late. DIY tech/educator culture is never going to be more prepped to do this thing than it is right now.

EduPunks, meet DIY Hackers. Hackers, meet the teachers you wish you'd had.

It's time for teachers to stop patting each other on the back for knowing how Twitter chats work and it's time for hackers to realize, if they don't already, that they are needed as a frontline against the awful bad tech decisions in education, healthcare management, workforce dev, etc. that in every passing day have such a bigger consequence for more people's day-to-day lives, realities, and futures than they ever have before.

And that we need you as a result to be actively engaged in very unsexy tech.

There is nothing more sexy right now than unsexy.

If you need a case study, check out that Healthcare.gov muck. And you know that's just today's tip-of-the-iceberg example. Last week/month it was the City of Los Angeles Public Schools #iPadFail. And before that... And tomorrow...

This is it. I give us 24 months tops to do this thing. That's 24 months before the monoliths get enough traction in re-righting the boat with their lineage customers to squelch all newcomers.

The teachers and techies here at An Estuary are here to help out. But this is bigger than any of us. And it ain't gonna be easy. This isn't "win-big-dollars-at-pitch-fun-event-and-get-new-office-in-Palo-Alto-to-match-yr-MBA-that-you-say-no-one-needs" time.

This isn't Startup Game.

This is time for real educators to step up. And its time for hackers to say, "Enough already with the crap that passes for education, let alone edtech." This is build-the-future-because-if-we-don't-they-will time.

This is the real thing.


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